Relax: the KPIs are doing great !

Strøm Spa Nordique

Branding and design, website, magazine, digital and social media strategies, e-commerce.

All inclusive, from the brief to the media

Club Med

Advertising campaign, promotional tools, digital banners, experiential marketing.


Branding and design, website, corporate videos, B2B strategy.

A refreshing cocktail of solutions

Les Spiritueux Ungava

Advertising campaigns, promotional tools, brands unification, digital and social media strategies, website design.


Creative recruitment campaign.


Youth marketing campaign.

Let’s paint it all purple

Université Bishops

Creative recruitment campaign.

Real estate reinvented

Lafleur Davey

Media strategy, newsletters campaigns, HR marketing, annual advertising campaigns, direct marketing.

A dealer that spins at high speed

Sherbrooke Toyota

Digital and social media strategies, media strategy newsletters campaigns, HR marketing, branding.

A winning recipe

Després Laporte

Digital and social media strategies, newsletters campaigns, magazine design L’Art de recevoir, advertising, branding.

Logo sept24

Communications & Marketing