The youth market:
a true goldmine!

This market is one of the most beneficial markets for an enterprise since this age group is in a period of discovering a vast variety of products. Our expertise has allowed us to lead more than 500 advertising and hiring campaigns by using various types of medias like web posting, print and radio. Our powerful strategies and specific expertise of the youth market allow us to create performing hiring campaigns for both academic institutions and enterprises.

Youth Marketing

Zoom Média – Campus

The Zoom Média targeted campaigns are very efficient with students, because they are present in strategic places where the traffic is high and the customer’s attention is easily grabbed by advertising. Using COMB, Zoom Média ensures the high liability level in the planning of advertising campaigns. The launch of a Zoom Média campaign will allow you to benefit rapidly from significant gains.


At the beginning of the school year, students receive an agenda, which is given to them in person and to which they refer regularly all year long.

It is the most sustainable and efficient media on campuses because of its frequency of use and its maximal reach. For equal cost, you will never benefit from that much visibility with these customers!

Student newspapers

Student newspapers are made by students and for students. They generally are published once every two weeks. This media will allow you to profit from a constant presence in high traffic places. Indeed, newspapers are distributed in cafeterias, bus stations, and pavilion entrances and off campus public places.

Our network reaches Canadian universities and colleges.

Student radios

Student radios are pioneers in terms of music diffusion. They are known for their intensive musical content which gives a lot of place to young talent. Our radio network will allow you to target students as well as all the young people who listen to these stations diffused of FM and on the web.

Our network reaches Canadian universities.

Young people are the future.
Woo them now.

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