Planning stratégique

Strategic planning

sept24 gets to know your industry's situation in order to propose business solutions that will meet your specific needs. We develop integrated, measurable and adaptable strategies. We offer strategic intelligence, focused on consulting services and customization.

Marketing strategies, communication plans, commercialisation plan, planification and media buying, sponsorship management.

Design Créatif

Creative design

Our graphic arts studio beats to the rhythm of a single drum: that of creative intelligence. Our fully-integrated approach propels you to a totally different level. We listen to your environment and your ambitions. This is how we deliver a final product that truly represents you.

Brand identity video productions, illustrations/storyboards, lettering, promotional tool design and realization, direct marketing, packaging, printings, photoshoots.

Marketing interactif

Interactive marketing

Beyond the creative process, we optimize every parameter of your Web projects, thereby promising maximum operation of your Web platforms, social networks and Web ad placements.

Mobile applications, online games, Web strategies, social media management, advertising banners, Google AdWords campaigns, guest posts, referencing and optimization, newsletters, advertisments, contests and Facebook pages.

Création de sites web

Website creation

Building wisely: a winning formula. From design to conceptualization, programming and optimization (SEO), our team is comprised of experts who carefully plan each and every parameter of your website, to ensure its visibility and simplify its use.

Web design, Web ergonomics, Web programming, e-commerce, hosting and technical support, content writing.

Relations publiques

Public relations

Where most people see an opportunity for preciously crafted and shiny initiatives, we seize opportunities and develop calculated and measurable operations. We know that the best advertising campaigns aren't always those you can buy.

Press conferences, press release writing and diffusion, press kits, internal communication tools, crisis management, media relations, media monitoring, specialized writing.

Events organization

Attention to detail, flexibility and creativity are the three ingredients at the heart of all our events strategies. We're always listening so we can meet your deadlines, your budget, and especially, organize events that will go beyond your expectations.

Open door events, branch opening, product launches, social activities, networking activities, enterprise anniversaries.

Marketing Research

Our Strategic Planning and Research Departments at sept24 work hand in hand. One reason is that in order to develop effective marketing strategies we carry out thorough enquiries to identify your market opportunities. Market data holds no mystery for us: Whether through primary or secondary, qualitative or quantitative research, we’ll find what we’re looking for.

Discussion groups, online surveys, mystery customers, market studies, individual interviews, telephone surveys.

Youth marketing

This market is one of the most beneficial markets for an enterprise since this age group is in a period of discovering a vast variety of products. Our expertise has allowed us to lead more than 500 advertising and hiring campaigns by using various types of medias like web posting, print and radio. Our powerful strategies and specific expertise of the youth market allow us to create performing hiring campaigns for both academic institutions and enterprises.

Email youth marketing, Zoom Média - Campus, agendas, student newspapers, student radios.

HR marketing

sept24 communications marketing knows that marketing and communications are powerful tools to reach objectives in terms of human resources recruitment. By connecting their communication and marketing experts with human resources specialists, sept24 communications marketing has developed HR marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Creation of employer brand, analysis of the sales and marketing department, optimisation of the career section, adaptation of attraction and diffusion strategies, transformation of hiring processes into selling processes, digital hiring strategy development, HR marketing research, Organizational development (HR marketing version).

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