Employer branding

« 83 % of recruitment leaders know that the employer brand has a significant influence on the capacity to recruit the best talents. »

How am I perceived as an employer?

Whether you’re a SME or a big enterprise, in 2017, there is no doubt that your employer branding’s notoriety has to be a part of your strategic plan. At sept24, we believe that an employer brand must be authentic, created from your enterprise’s DNA and made to position itself with its target market. Your employer « promise » must be lived and felt at every step of your hiring process. It must create daily «wow’s» from your employees and be supported by a dissemination strategy which will drive you as an employer. In cooperation with your employees, sept24’s multidisciplinary team will address this mandate with strategic intelligence and creativity.

Sales and marketing department analysis

« Hiring a new representative and supporting him until he reaches a profitability level is a minimum investment of 35 000$. »

How can I raise my business volume: by hiring a new resource of by reviewing my marketing strategies?

Many elements can positively influence your business volume, but which ones should be prioritised to reach your short term and mi-term goals? Our marketing and sales strategists and our human resources management specialists will unite to analyse your market, your selling tools, your web site’s performance and your marketing strategies. They will also evaluate your current and future representative’s potential, your mobilization strategies and your sales team’s compensation plan. Thereafter, they will develop recommendations and actions to prioritize to ensure an optimal return on investments. If necessary, our team may support you in the implementation of the intervention plan.

Career section optimization

Is my career section optimal?

An optimal career section meets four precise objectives:

  1. It is appealing and catches the interest of candidates who have the right profile for your organization.
  2. It is performing search engine-wise and offers you visibility that makes you stand out from your competitors.
  3. It contains tools that will facilitate and optimize your candidate pre-selection.
  4. It integrates and harmonizes with your website and your corporate image.

To reach these goals, sept24 will mobilize a multidisciplinary team formed of specialists in marketing, graphic design, communication and writing, web strategy, programming, integration and human resources. In this specific case, the agency’s integrated approach is the essential ingredient to make a career section efficient and performing.

Adaptation of attraction and dissemination strategies

How can I raise my number of applications?

In HR marketing, the foundation of a good strategy is to define the profile of the candidate who matches your organization, the one who will fulfill the needs of your enterprise. It is a question of creating a «persona». Our marketing and human resources specialists will work with you to draw a detailed portrait of this candidate: age, man or woman, interests, values, influences and lifestyle as well as the identification of the issues which directly affect them. Why? Because, just like in every good strategy, information is the essential ingredient to get the desired results. Sending the right message, at the right place, with the right medium, is the recipe that leads to exceptional results.

Transformation of hiring processes into selling processes

« The CareerBuilder website led a survey with 2 201 hiring specialists and human resources managers. 49% of them declared that they know in less than five minutes if a candidate is right for the job. »

How can I become more competitive to seduce star candidates and the resources of the competition?

Have you every asked yourself what the first impression of your star candidate according to your organisation was? What has been his first contact with your employer brand? How his first communication with your organization went? What were his expectations and preoccupations? What he remembers from his experience and what testimony about your enterprise he will carry? In 2017, hiring staff has become a relatively complex art. Selling yourself as an employer is a delicate but essential task. Fortunately, sept24 has a creative and sales team that can literally transform your hiring process in an efficient and performing selling process.

Development of digital recruitment strategies

« MM. Boulet of Industrielle Alliance claims that social medias lower their hiring delays by more than 50%. »

How can I hire short term (urgent needs)?

Indeed, there is no 2.0 hiring without a marketing strategy. The web is an ocean of information, an exceptional toolbox, but you must know which ones to use and how to use them. At sept24, we join the talent of our web strategists and HR and marketing specialists to create digital hiring strategies custom-made according to the target market and the priority needs of our clients, while respecting the available financial and human resources. We know that a trial-and-error approach costs a lot of time and money! Let our experts guide you in this ever-changing world.

HR marketing research

« According to an article published in Les Affaires, the multigenerational approach is one of the 7 biggest trends in 2014 in human resources management. »

How can I deal with the multigenerational approach?

If managing different generations is a big challenge in our organizations, intergenerational synergy is a competitive advantage and an added value. The mutual incomprehension often is a source of irritants and frustrations and sometimes represents a stop to excellence. At sept24, we take this challenge in three steps. The first steps consists of identifying the more information possible on targeted generations. In order to do so, our research specialists use different methods like search of internal and external secondary data. sept24 knows the youth market (16-24 years old) since the agency was founded in 2004 specifically to allow big Québec enterprises to make contact with these customers. The second step involves our team of specialists’ creativity to adapt your management and integration practices for you enterprise’s different generations. In conclusion, the third step is to link this strategy to an internal communication plan that will guaranty the success of your approach.

Organizational development, HR marketing version

« The failure or half-success rate of organizational changes is still evaluated at about 70%. »

How can I become the best in my industry?

To become the best of your industry, it is important to be ready to mobilize your team to create certain shifts in your enterprise. Be it for the development and management of human relations, your vision, your values, your objectives or your corporate culture, an organizational development plan isn’t efficient if it doesn’t come with a communication strategy that’s smart and elaborated specifically for your organization’s needs. The strength of sept24 is the efficient amalgam of experts in organizational development, communication and marketing who will identify the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats that touch your organization. All this information paired with a good dose of creativity will allow the elaboration of goal-oriented recommendations. Note that marketing and communications are great change accelerators and promoters.